Restaurant Novice in the City of Amersfoort

Restaurant Novice Proef Amersfoort 2024 Kitchen lunch and dinner at restaurant Novice in Amersfoort Students Leerhotel Het Klooster
Restaurant Novice in the City of Amersfoort
March 16, 2023

On Friday, March 10, Chef René Bekker and General Manager Peter Ingels were interviewed about our restaurant Novice. This resulted in a nice article. This article can be read below and written by Arnoud Spaaij. You can read the original article here.

Novice restaurant in Leerhotel Het Klooster has unique atmosphere

March 15, 2023 at 12:00 Business

AMERSFOORT The location alone makes the possibilities offered by Restaurant Novice very unique. Where once fathers of the order Kruisheren devoted their daily lives to their vocation, it is now enjoying hospitality offered by the team at Leerhotel Het Klooster on the Daam Fockemalaan.   

This place near the Stichtse Rotonde is very familiar to many generations of Amersfoorters because secondary education is provided on the same grounds and partly even in the adjacent buildings. The well-known onion-shaped spire of the former Kruisheren monastery has now been home to Leerhotel Het Klooster and Restaurant Novice for many years. 


Nestled between cloisters, overlooking the arcades and adjacent to an attractive cloister courtyard, Leerhotel Het Klooster has a spacious restaurant with surprising possibilities. Both director Peter Ingels and chef René Bekker confirm this unique atmospheric spot. "Our guests are surprised, especially if they come from Amersfoort, that Leerhotel Het Klooster offers so much beauty and goodness. For example, many Amersfoorters and people from the region don't know at all that you can just walk into our place."   


Everything that happens in the restaurant is under the supervision of Chef Bekker: "Our restaurant is a la carte. We cook according to the principles of Dutch Cuisine. We consciously choose as many local products and local cooperation as possible. As a guest you experience that because we process for example meat from eco-fields of the Veluwe but also offer fish and vegetarian dishes on the menu. A four-course menu with us anyway consists of a choice of fish, meat and vegetarian." In doing so, Restaurant Novice works locally, sustainably and also for a very reasonable price. A four-course menu is offered for 42.50 euros.

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The restaurant consciously chooses as much local produce and local collaboration as possible. (Photo: Rianne Wijnen)


The name Restaurant Novice is a reference to the student priests who were once trained at the monastery. "Now it is again the base for students of the MBO Amersfoort Hotel School," Bekker says. "And in doing so, we ensure quality with instructors who provide leadership in every team, whether it's in the kitchen, service or for restaurant management."  


The nice thing is that guests actually experience the restaurant's special atmosphere as different compared to elsewhere. "Students provide the hospitality but also everything around it," explains Ingels. "Almost everyone likes the fact that our students from the MBO Amersfoort Hotelschool learn everything about the hospitality profession here. That is also part of us. At school and in the kitchen they first get the full basic technique to then serve our guests in the hotel and restaurant and thus give them a good time." The strength of restaurant Novice is the student. Ingels: "Absolutely, we find that our guests like that. We give our students the handles and in turn they give our guests an enjoyable evening."   

Restaurant Novice
Daam Fockemalaan 10
3818 KG Amersfoort
033 4678700
Open Monday through Saturday for lunch, drinks and dinner.

(Photo: Rianne Wijnen)

Author: Arnoud Spaaij