Come and celebrate with us during the Asparagus Adventure at Novice restaurant! From May 27 to May 31, 2024, we will immerse our dishes in delicious asparagus creations. Indulge your taste buds with the most delectable dishes prepared with the best local asparagus. Because we love fresh local ingredients.

A culinary feast not to be missed. Book your table now and for only €44.50 you will be surprised by the tasty world of asparagus at restaurant Novice!



White asparagus grilled and pickled | chive oil | red cabbage gravy | dried ham | pea cream


Rolled salmon and sea bass | gravy of asparagus and morels | watercress | pearl barley

Main course:

Tender roast leg of lamb | white asparagus | potato | Sauce Hollandaise


Waffle with raspberries | strawberries | asparagus ice cream | white chocolate crumble | honey caramel

Reserve your table now for Asparagus Adventure!

At restaurant Novice we have very special beer, namely AKKA! This beer is brewed especially for us. We find it very important to offer our products and ingredients as local as possible, as well as our beer. AKKA stands for Amersfoort's Kruisheren Klooster Abbey Beer.

We also won a special award with our AKKA Honey Tripel; Bronze at House Beer of the Year 2022. The beer was appreciated by the jury. The AKKA tripel is brewed by the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. The beer was created in cooperation with beekeeper Gert-Jan ter Welle of the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. "The beer is balanced, dry and pleasantly drinkable," said the jury.

Our selection of beers varies seasonally, but we are happy to tell you more about all of our different varieties.

Our beers at a glance:

"Bij "drage | Alc. approx. 8.5% | This tripel won 3rd place category of heavy beers in the House Beer of the Year 2022. The honey comes from the bees kept at Leerhotel Het Klooster. The "Bij "drage is a powerful top-fermented beer with a hint of honey in the aftertaste. 

Weizen | Alc. approx. 6.0% | Our Weizen has a creamy full flavor with a pleasant acidity in the background. It is often cloudy and has a somewhat pale yellow color. The Weihenstephang yeast provides a special process and in combination with the wheat gives the beer a fruity aroma of banana, among others.

Klooster Blond | Alc. approx. 8.9% | AKKA Klooster Blond is a "strong blonde" and a golden yellow colored beer. It is originally an Abbey beer with a malty, caramel-like and also fruity taste. Strong blonde is a top-fermenting beer; that means the yeast floats during brewing.

American Amber Ale | Alc. approx. 7.7% | This Amber Ale is a top-fermenting beer with a red copper color. There is a good balance between the sweet malt flavor and the citrusy bitterness from the hops. The hops used are Centenial and Amarillo.

Bockbier | Alc. around 7.0% | This seasonal beer is sold from around October. Originally Bockbier is a low-fermentation beer, around 6.5%, ruby red in color, with a malty and somewhat caramel taste. The name Bockbier originated in the early 17th century in Bavaria, Germany.

Dubbel | Alc. approx. 7.7% | Our double is a slightly cloudy reddish-brown beer. The beer is quite sweet. Flavors such as caramel and cocoa can be recognized. Dubbel is originally a style brewed in abbeys. More grain is used for brewing than for the lighter table beer drunk in the abbey itself.

Lentebock | Alc. approx. 6.5% | Lentebock is a Dutch style of beer. This seasonal beer is sold starting in March. This is a top-fermenting spring bock, with a rich malt aroma and present body balanced with a subtle hop bitterness, which certainly comes into its own in summer. This AKKA Lentebock is a fresh, drinkable blond spring beer with a malty and caramel flavor.

Asparagus season is upon us again, and we at Novice love it!

Asparagus, also known as white gold, is a delicious and versatile vegetable that appeals to many people because of its unique taste and texture. Interestingly, asparagus has been cultivated for centuries and is loved for its delicate flavor and nutritional values. The asparagus grows on average about 7 cm per day, so as soon as they rise above the ground, they must be harvested quickly.

White gold

The asparagus is known as the white gold for two reasons. Early in the season, asparagus can be very expensive, or they are discovered as precious treasures under the Limburg or Brabant soil.

Super healthy

Did you know that asparagus is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid and potassium? This vegetable is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and promoting healthy digestion.

Asparagus in the kitchen

Besides their health benefits, asparagus are also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can prepare them in various ways, such as grilling, roasting, steaming or even eating them raw in salads.

Asperger varieties

The two best-known colors of asparagus are white and green, although they are actually of the same variety. The difference lies in the fact that white asparagus grows completely in the dark, so it does not develop a green color. Also, there are white asparagus with a light purple head, or even purple asparagus. There are also the Korenaar asparagus, which are not actually real asparagus but thin cultivated stalks from the hyacinth family.

In short, asparagus is not only delicious and healthy, but also an interesting vegetable with a rich history and culinary versatility. Will you come taste them at restaurant Novice during our special asparagus week? From May 27 to 31, we serve the white gold!

With the vision to contribute to a greener and healthier society, LIF's adventure began. Harm, Ard-Jan and Marnix of LIF foster a deep passion for cooking and delicious food, especially of high quality and freshness. And honestly, without fresh herbs, cooking becomes a completely different story. Fortunately, using fresh herbs is becoming increasingly popular, whether it's to prepare a flavorful meal or make a fresh cup of tea.

The Value of Fresh Herbs

Why are "good" fresh herbs so crucial? Fresh herbs add flavor to dishes and serve as a healthy alternative to salt. Moreover, fresh herbs not only have culinary applications, but have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. Each herb has its own unique flavor and application.

Herb Towers

In addition to offering the tastiest fresh herbs, LIF also provides herb care. Their in-house designed herb towers offer an easy way to maintain fresh herbs. The herb tower takes up little space and allows you to grow a variety of fresh herbs in a small area. At Novice restaurant, we have one such herb garden, of which we are immensely proud!

The Mission of LIF

The aim is to put fresh herbs at people's fingertips so that they can be used effortlessly in their kitchens. In addition, LIF would like to educate and inspire people to incorporate more fresh herbs into their lives. It is of great importance that people get in touch with the abundance that nature has to offer, and this is where we like to do our part.

See the herb garden at Novice restaurant here!

On Good Friday, March 29, 2024 several trees were planted at restaurant. Two local fruit growers came and planted these trees with us. We would like to tell you more about which fruits we will be proud to grow ourselves in our restaurant's vegetable garden!


The varieties of apples we will grow are: Gravensteiner, James Grieve, Ingrid Marie and Elstar. With this selection of different apple trees, this allows us to make use of a variety of apples. The Gravensteiner has a sour taste and is widely used as a cooking apple, especially for applesauce and apple cider. The James Grieve is a juicy apple with a mildly sour taste. The Ingrid Marie is a very good hand apple with a soft sour aromatic taste. And the Elstar has a characteristic aroma taste and is creamy white and juicy.


The Beurré Hardy and Doyenne du comice are the pear varieties we will be growing in our vegetable garden. The'Beurré Hardy' is a sturdy and well-growing tree with large, sweet pears. The fruit of the Beurré Hardy is quite large and cone-shaped. The Doyenne du Comice is a fairly thick hand pear and is deliciously sweet. Depending on picking time, the pear has a nice bite or is deliciously juicy. The skin is mainly green. Doyenne du Comice is a hand pear, but because of its firm texture, the pear is also often used in desserts. 


In addition, we also have two varieties of cherry trees that will be planted: the Merton Premier and Kordia. The 'Merton Premier' is a cherry tree with a sweet and juicy cherry. The cherries can be picked from the fruit tree in late July. The cherries are dark red. The Kordia is a well-known large dark red cherry. In the Betuwe region, the Kordia has become one of the most popular varieties. This is because it is one of the largest cherries. The very good taste completes the cherry perfectly. Cherry tree Kordia gives a lot of fruit. 


Also planted is a quince tree, the Provence quince fruit tree. Originally, the quince comes from the countries around the Caspian Sea. Now they are grown mostly in Southern Europe and Japan, but the quince is also on the rise in the Netherlands. The quince is available from October to February.

Stew pears

The two stewing pears we will be growing are the Gieser Wildeman and the Kleipeer. The Gieser Wildeman was grown by Mr. Wildeman of Gorinchem and marketed around 1850. In commercial fruit growing, Gieser Wild eman is the most widely grown stewing pear variety in the Netherlands. A Kleipeer, also called Winterjan, is a pear variety that is very suitable as a stewing pear. The tree remains quite small and is self-pollinating.

Kiwi Berries

As a Kiwi berry, we are going to grow the Actinidia arguta 'Issai' . The Actinidia arg uta 'Issai' is a Mini Kiwi and is edible with skin. It is a self-pollinating plant with both male and female flowers. The fruits are beautiful green on both the inside and outside. The garden plant blooms in June with fragrant, white flowers that attract butterflies and bees.


The Prunus Persica 'Double Zwolsche' peach tree produces blooms of beautiful with pink flowers in March/April. Around July/August you can pick the peaches from the branches. The peaches are dark red in color and have white flesh. These fruits are juicy and taste deliciously sweet.


Also, we are also getting a kiwi plant: the Actinidia chinensis 'Solissimo'. This Actinidia chinensis 'Sol issimo' is a new species of self-pollinating kiwi. This species gets medium-sized fruits and an abundant harvest. In May, the plant develops white flowers.

Japanese wineberry

Rubus phoenicolasius - is our Japanese wineberry shrub. The Japanese wine berry is a delicious fresh sour berry that ripens before summer with beautiful bright red fruits. Each year the berry blooms on the previous year's wood and each year it makes new shoots where the fruits come the following year.


The blue honeyberry, or Lonicera caerulea kamtschatica, is native to Asia, but also does well in the Netherlands. It is a very hardy, ornamental, fruit-bearing shrub that can grow up to 1.5 meters tall. The fruits are very healthy, somewhat similar to blueberries, contain lots of vitamin C and are very juicy.


The plum tree 'Reine Claude' is a plum variety that dates back to the 16th century. The plum is available in red and green varieties. They are offered fresh but are also applied as a base for lemonade syrup (green lemonade syrup).

Mystery Race

We are also getting a mystery variety tree. The grower no longer knows what classic variety this is, so we are giving this tree another chance by growing it!

On Saturday, March 23, at Novice restaurant, we celebrated Earth Hour by turning off the lights for an hour at 8:30 p.m. The lights were turned off. It was a magical moment when our guests were surprised with a special dessert spectacle. While the room was shrouded in darkness, our staff and students from Hotelschool Amersfoort emerged with a beautiful presentation of delicious sweets.

The idea behind Earth Hour is to create awareness about the importance of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. By symbolically dimming the lights for an hour, we want to show that we can all do our part to create a healthier planet.

At Novice restaurant, we are committed to sustainability in a variety of ways. For example, we strive to use as many local and seasonal ingredients in our dishes as possible. We also try to minimize food waste by being creative with leftovers and working with organizations that encourage food redistribution.

During Earth Hour, we opened the doors of our kitchen and showed our guests how we prepared desserts with passion and dedication. From tasty chocolate bombs to airy sponge cake with neon tuilles, we provided an unforgettable experience where taste and experience went hand in hand.

The extinguishing of the lights and the turning on of the blacklights created an enchanting atmosphere in the restaurant. The edible flower pots and flaming crème brûlées were a feast for the eyes and taste buds. It was a festive evening where we not only shared our passion for cooking, but also highlighted our commitment to a more sustainable world.

At Novice restaurant in Amersfoort, we believe that small actions, like celebrating Earth Hour, can make a big difference. Together we can strive for a greener future where we care for our planet and each other. We hope our guests have been inspired by this experience and will continue to join us in working towards a more sustainable future.

Do you already know restaurant Novice in Amersfoort? We would love to tell you more about our wonderful restaurant.... Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely eat out at restaurant Novice:

#1 Unique & Sophisticated menu

Novice is known for its creative dishes carefully put together by the chefs of the future. You will be surprised by the flavor combinations and the beautiful presentation of the dishes.

#2 Atmosphere & Ambiance

At Novice restaurant, there is a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you come for an intimate dinner for two or a festive occasion with friends, the ambiance of the restaurant makes for an unforgettable experience.

#3 Excellent service

Did you know that the students of the Hotel School Amersfoort fulfill their indoor practice at restaurant Novice? They will do everything they can to make sure your evening goes perfectly and that you don't lack anything.

#4 Sustainability & Quality

Novice is committed to sustainability and quality. The ingredients used in the dishes are fresh, local and of the best quality. You can taste the love and care put into each dish.

#5 Location & Pledge

The restaurant is located in beautiful Amersfoort, a historic city with a charming atmosphere. The restaurant is located in Leerhotel Het Klooster, just outside the inner city of Amersfoort. The building is a beautifully renovated 20th century monastery, of the Order of the Kruisheren.

In short, dining out at Novice restaurant in Amersfoort is an absolute must for anyone who loves culinary delights, hospitality and a unique experience!

We hope to see you soon!

Earth Hour dinner at Novice restaurant

March 14, 2024 at 15:02 Local Share your news

On March 23, 2024, we will be celebrating Earth Hour at Restaurant Novice! It promises to be an enchanting evening at our special Earth Hour dinner. 

Imagine millions of people around the world spending an hour doing something good for nature and our future. From Sydney to Amersfoort, people all over the world are taking action. The lights go out everywhere, from the Eiffel Tower to Restaurant Novice. This hour connects cities, countries and continents to stand up for our fragile nature and serves as an example for the future. 

Arriving at Novice restaurant from 6:00 p.m., you will receive a warm welcome in an atmospheric setting. Enjoy a tasty 3- or 4-course dinner prepared with fresh, sustainable ingredients that symbolize our planet. At 8:30 p.m., things will get magical as the lights go out and we reflect together on Earth Hour. As a highlight, our chefs will then prepare dessert live, giving you a unique culinary experience in the midst of darkness. 

Together, let's create a positive impact for our beautiful planet while enjoying a delicious culinary dinner. We look forward to welcoming you to our Earth Hour dinner!

On March 23, 2024, we will celebrate Earth Hour! It promises to be an enchanting evening during our Earth Hour dinner at Novice restaurant.

Imagine millions of people around the world spending an hour doing something good for nature and our future. From Sydney to Amersfoort, people all over the world are taking action. The lights go out everywhere, from the Eiffel Tower to Restaurant Novice.

This one hour connects cities, countries and continents to stand up for our fragile natural environment and serves as an example for the future. So that is why we are joining in and turning off the lights for one hour on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 p.m. during WWF-Earth Hour.

Arriving at Novice restaurant from 6:00 p.m., you will receive a warm welcome in an atmospheric setting. Enjoy a tasty 3- or 4-course dinner prepared with fresh, sustainable ingredients that symbolize our planet. At 8:30 pm, things get magical as the lights dim and our chefs prepare a live dessert!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Earth Hour dinner and making a difference together for a greener future!

18:00 Walk-in

6:30 p.m. Dinner

8:30 p.m. Earth Hour + live dessert

On March 8, it's that time again! National Pancake Day 2024 is just around the corner. At Novice restaurant, we don't want to let this day pass by just like that. Therefore we invite you to a cozy pancake feast.

Have you always wanted to decorate your own pancakes with lots of different toppings? Then this is your chance! Come to restaurant Novice in Leerhotel Het Klooster on Friday, March 8. Our students from Hotelschool MBO Amersfoort are eager to bake pancakes for all the guests!

National Pancake Day is celebrated every March on a Friday. It is the day when children bake pancakes for the elderly, because they should be put in the limelight. And what better way to do that than with a home-baked pancake? In 2024 we will celebrate National Pancake Day for the seventeenth time in the Netherlands. Almost 100,000 elderly people are pampered on this day every year with home-baked pancakes by almost as many students. And in restaurant Novice we would like to pay attention to this beautiful thought as well, so we eat pancakes with our guests.

The price for children, for unlimited pancake eating including surprise, a delicious dessert and lemonade is €13.75. For all dads, moms, grandparents and pancake lovers, we serve a culinary 3-course menu in pancake style for €35,-*.  

Young and old, everyone is welcome at Novice restaurant!