Flavorful Experiences

Are you a true foodie and looking for a unique culinary experience? Then you have come to the right place at restaurant Novice! With our theme days and weeks, or Tasty Experienceswe introduce you to the most surprising flavors and dishes. Our passionate chefs ensure that you will be surprised time and again with creative and delicious dishes. Whatever cuisine you like, there is a wide range of different flavors to taste!

Please also come by and indulge your taste buds during our Tasty Experiences at Novice restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you!


GRILLY NIGHTS - July 1 - 13
Come to our grill nights and experience the delicious taste of our BBQ dishes. A culinary experience to remember!

PARELS OF THE SEA - Sept. 27&28
Discover our surprising pearls of the sea, prepared with the best ingredients and lots of love.

Come enjoy our delicious Stews during our Stewpot Sensation evenings. Be surprised by the flavorful combinations and warm atmosphere.

FIRE AND FLAM - December 12 to 14
Experience winter on our cozy terrace with mulled wine and the tasty dishes of barbecue. Stop by soon and get warmed up!

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