Dining out at Novice restaurant #5 reasons why!

Dining out in Amersfoort at Restaurant Novice 5 reasons why
Dining out at Novice restaurant #5 reasons why!
March 16, 2024

Do you already know restaurant Novice in Amersfoort? We would love to tell you more about our wonderful restaurant.... Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely eat out at restaurant Novice:

#1 Unique & Sophisticated menu

Novice is known for its creative dishes carefully put together by the chefs of the future. You will be surprised by the flavor combinations and the beautiful presentation of the dishes.

#2 Atmosphere & Ambiance

At Novice restaurant, there is a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you come for an intimate dinner for two or a festive occasion with friends, the ambiance of the restaurant makes for an unforgettable experience.

#3 Excellent service

Did you know that the students of the Hotel School Amersfoort fulfill their indoor practice at restaurant Novice? They will do everything they can to make sure your evening goes perfectly and that you don't lack anything.

#4 Sustainability & Quality

Novice is committed to sustainability and quality. The ingredients used in the dishes are fresh, local and of the best quality. You can taste the love and care put into each dish.

#5 Location & Pledge

The restaurant is located in beautiful Amersfoort, a historic city with a charming atmosphere. The restaurant is located in Leerhotel Het Klooster, just outside the inner city of Amersfoort. The building is a beautifully renovated 20th century monastery, of the Order of the Kruisheren.

In short, dining out at Novice restaurant in Amersfoort is an absolute must for anyone who loves culinary delights, hospitality and a unique experience!

We hope to see you soon!