About us

Everyone learns at Novice

The splendid monumental building in which restaurant Novice is located, is a former convent of the order of the Crusaders. In the past, anyone considering entering the monastery first served a probationary period as a novice. We are continuing this tradition. As young hospitality talents from the Amersfoort Hotel School, we learn the tricks of the trade here. Under the guidance of our expert teachers, we prepare ourselves for a future as host, hostess or cook. At Novice and its accompanying Leerhotel Het Klooster , we step into practice every day.

For us, the ultimate environment to learn the trade, and you as a guest are indispensable for this. But actually everyone learns at Novice! We would like to introduce you to the Dutch Cuisine - a local and sustainable cuisine with beautiful seasonal products from Dutch soil. We are very enthusiastic about this. We like to tell you more about the flavours and ingredients of the different dishes. Maybe you will even choose a dish that we have created ourselves. We would like you to enjoy our hospitality and our beautiful dishes for a good price. Novice is connected to MBO Amersfoort.