LIF - cares for the herb garden at Novice restaurant

LIF - cares for the herb garden at Novice restaurant
April 12, 2024

With the vision to contribute to a greener and healthier society, LIF's adventure began. Harm, Ard-Jan and Marnix of LIF foster a deep passion for cooking and delicious food, especially of high quality and freshness. And honestly, without fresh herbs, cooking becomes a completely different story. Fortunately, using fresh herbs is becoming increasingly popular, whether it's to prepare a flavorful meal or make a fresh cup of tea.

The Value of Fresh Herbs

Why are "good" fresh herbs so crucial? Fresh herbs add flavor to dishes and serve as a healthy alternative to salt. Moreover, fresh herbs not only have culinary applications, but have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. Each herb has its own unique flavor and application.

Herb Towers

In addition to offering the tastiest fresh herbs, LIF also provides herb care. Their in-house designed herb towers offer an easy way to maintain fresh herbs. The herb tower takes up little space and allows you to grow a variety of fresh herbs in a small area. At Novice restaurant, we have one such herb garden, of which we are immensely proud!

The Mission of LIF

The aim is to put fresh herbs at people's fingertips so that they can be used effortlessly in their kitchens. In addition, LIF would like to educate and inspire people to incorporate more fresh herbs into their lives. It is of great importance that people get in touch with the abundance that nature has to offer, and this is where we like to do our part.

See the herb garden at Novice restaurant here!