AKKA beer specially brewed for Restaurant Novice and Leerhotel Het Klooster

AKKA beer Amersfoort Restaurant Novice Leerhotel Het Klooster
AKKA beer specially brewed for Restaurant Novice and Leerhotel Het Klooster
April 26, 2024

At restaurant Novice we have very special beer, namely AKKA! This beer is brewed especially for us. We find it very important to offer our products and ingredients as local as possible, as well as our beer. AKKA stands for Amersfoort's Kruisheren Klooster Abbey Beer.

We also won a special award with our AKKA Honey Tripel; Bronze at House Beer of the Year 2022. The beer was appreciated by the jury. The AKKA tripel is brewed by the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. The beer was created in cooperation with beekeeper Gert-Jan ter Welle of the Hobby Brouw Studio in De Bilt. "The beer is balanced, dry and pleasantly drinkable," said the jury.

Our selection of beers varies seasonally, but we are happy to tell you more about all of our different varieties.

Our beers at a glance:

"Bij "drage | Alc. approx. 8.5% | This tripel won 3rd place category of heavy beers in the House Beer of the Year 2022. The honey comes from the bees kept at Leerhotel Het Klooster. The "Bij "drage is a powerful top-fermented beer with a hint of honey in the aftertaste. 

Weizen | Alc. approx. 6.0% | Our Weizen has a creamy full flavor with a pleasant acidity in the background. It is often cloudy and has a somewhat pale yellow color. The Weihenstephang yeast provides a special process and in combination with the wheat gives the beer a fruity aroma of banana, among others.

Klooster Blond | Alc. approx. 8.9% | AKKA Klooster Blond is a "strong blonde" and a golden yellow colored beer. It is originally an Abbey beer with a malty, caramel-like and also fruity taste. Strong blonde is a top-fermenting beer; that means the yeast floats during brewing.

American Amber Ale | Alc. approx. 7.7% | This Amber Ale is a top-fermenting beer with a red copper color. There is a good balance between the sweet malt flavor and the citrusy bitterness from the hops. The hops used are Centenial and Amarillo.

Bockbier | Alc. around 7.0% | This seasonal beer is sold from around October. Originally Bockbier is a low-fermentation beer, around 6.5%, ruby red in color, with a malty and somewhat caramel taste. The name Bockbier originated in the early 17th century in Bavaria, Germany.

Dubbel | Alc. approx. 7.7% | Our double is a slightly cloudy reddish-brown beer. The beer is quite sweet. Flavors such as caramel and cocoa can be recognized. Dubbel is originally a style brewed in abbeys. More grain is used for brewing than for the lighter table beer drunk in the abbey itself.

Lentebock | Alc. approx. 6.5% | Lentebock is a Dutch style of beer. This seasonal beer is sold starting in March. This is a top-fermenting spring bock, with a rich malt aroma and present body balanced with a subtle hop bitterness, which certainly comes into its own in summer. This AKKA Lentebock is a fresh, drinkable blond spring beer with a malty and caramel flavor.

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